Droid scent

Old Spice robots are better when they smell like a human.
Old Spice

Just when we thought Old Spice ads couldn’t get any more eccentric, the deo makers introduce a mandroid with a luscious toupée atop his head. And, of course, thanks to the brand’s manly-smelling hair products, the unnamed droid appears to be able to get any chica he wants (even if he’s cracked her ribs under the weight of his metal parts). Oh, and if getting the girls isn’t enough, the shampoo can also magically get you a seat at the best restaurant in town (nope, not just cause you smell good, but because your hair gains magical powers of persuasion and can erase names from the restaurant’s reservation book. You gotta see it below to believe it).


Brand: Old Spice
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy