Ring box and beer resumes

How far would you go to land your dream job?

resume-aleMarriage proposals and six packs of beer. For most (and by most, we mean 7 billion people) these two things do not conjure up thoughts like, ‘Hmm, that’s how I’ll land my next job.’ But for two brave Canadian designers, what more could an employer ask for than booze and a ring box to signify their creativity and commitment? Quebec’s Catherine Pelletier designed a fancy felt box that didn’t house a ring, but rather a USB with her resume attached, and popped the question, “Will you hire me?” The box also housed a satin printed booklet that said all the right (though cheesy) things, like “I want to devote myself to you, body and soul.”

Likewise, B.C. designer Brennan Gleason went all out to impress potential employers with a six-pack of home-brewed beer (sure beats simply stating “enjoys brewing beer” in the resume’s personal interests section) and called it “Resum-Ale.” He printed portions of his portfolio on the label of the bottles and cardboard case, and of course, included a QR code to learn more. We imagine this could realistically only work in the creative field… can’t see this going down well in the HR office of a hedge fund company (or, maybe not, we hear they can get pretty raucous after hours).