This Is Your Out

Avoid awkward social situations with the press of a button.
This is your out

So you’re on a date, and turns out, they suck. But the smarty pants inside of you, having gone on a dating binge this past month, luckily organised an “impromptu” call from your bestie to check in on you and provide an escape route if the date’s gone awry (and by that, we mean, your date falls victim to a bad case of verbal diarrhea). The only problem with this scenario is there are a million things that could distract said bestie from remembering to call. Instead, one could remove the trouble of organizing the diversion pre-date, and use a key-chain button that, when pressed, prompts your phone to begin ringing (without anyone actually on the other end). Imagine the possibilities for the Indiegogo-funded tool, called This Is Your Out (TIYO) by Waterloo-based entrepreneur¬†Ivan Lukianchuk? No more long-winded conversations with a chatty neighbour, unscheduled desk meetings with the boss, or awkward conversations with the person sitting next to you on the subway (although, good luck explaining how your phone works underground with that one).

Via Betakit