Who are the 54?

John St.'s quest to find the folk who bought Robin Thicke's album in Australia.

who are the 54Robin Thicke. The man is an enigma, yes, but what’s even more of a puzzle is the 54 people who purchased his latest album, Paula, in Australia this year. No one is scratching their head more than copywriter Jamie Umpherson at Toronto’s John St., who has dedicated his time and resources to track them down, and then (we presume) prod and probe them for information as to why they did such a thing. He’s set up a website, called Whoarethe54.com, and is asking any and everyone on the interweb to put a face to the poor misguided souls, inviting them to hashtag a picture of the person who recently purchased the album with #10fthe54. While Canada’s not rated as the country that dislikes Mr. Thicke the most, we could potentially come in at a pretty close second with an embarrassing  550 copies of the album sold.