Shock therapy

Can't form a habit? This wearable jolts you into a better person.

Tough love isn’t just something your mother gives you when you’re wallowing in a pity party for one after a bad break-up. Now it also comes from a neat little wearable that dishes out electric shocks if you press the snooze button on your alarm, or if you put off going to the gym because of distractions like surfing the web. Pavlok is only shipping to homes in 2015, but it has a pretty convincing sell on its website that will make you want to pre-order pretty soon. The site includes research that the makers (blogger Maneesh Sethi and his team) have done on the power of creating routines and how their product will help users track and form a lasting habit. And while you might feel it’s very invisible dog collar of them to zap people for bad behaviour, Pavlok also rewards people for doing good by giving out prizes and even money when a task is complete. It’s like the friend who never gives in to your cries for Uncle (but because it cares, of course).

Via FastCompany