A man, but better

ManServants does as the lady wishes.

Warning: Nothing explicit here, but this may be NSFW.

Women tired of the same old bachelorette hijinks will soon have a much more useful and luxurious service to call on. It’s called ManServants, a company started up by San-Francisco based copywriters Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah, and which provides buttoned-down men at a woman’s beck and call. Why hire a dude in spandex to dance when you could have a gent refilling champagne glasses or turning the pages of your ebook while you take a bubble bath? And apparently it’s not just for ladies, judging by the ad for the service that’s set to launch this fall, dudes can enjoy a gun show too. Male strippers may need to start freshening up their resumes.


Brand: Manservants
Copywriters: Josephine Wai Lin, Dalal Khajah
Designer: Aran Yeo
Creatives: Christina Nickas, Erin Robinson
Director: Mickey Finnegan