Like father like…

Schick Hydro urges men to seek treatment for BMD.

Recently, Neutrogana face wash launched a PSA-style campaign directed at guys to end Junkface, and now Schick Hydro wants to help men with another condition they might not even realize they have. It’s called BMD, which for the unitiated, is “Becoming My Dad” syndrome, with symptoms that include dressing in comfortable clothes, replacing previously slick dance moves with the Macarena and losing the ability to expertly handle the TV remote. Sounds horrifying, right? If you think you may have this affliction, Schick’s come up with a way to properly diagnose you, creating a microsite with more videos and a quiz (apparently this Stim writer is level 3 BMD… there’s still time to find a cure). Of course, the solution on offer is a Schick Hydro. Thank goodness for these health and beauty brands. Who knows what would happen to men without ‘em?


Brand: Schick Hydro
Agencies: 6 Degrees, MEC, Paradigm Public Relations, Real Interactive