Macan spirit

Porsche's short films share Canadian stories.

Bike builders, a techno DJ and a rowing coach may not seem, at first blush, to have a lot in common with an auto brand like Porsche, but the luxury car maker and agency Yield Branding say that the co-founder of Cervelo Phil White, DJ MIsstress Barbara and Rowing Canada’s coach John Keogh all embody the spirit of this new model, Macan. They’ve produced four short branded films to let these folks tell their story while being near the vehicle, to give an authentic sense of Canadiana to the new player in the market. They will be released weekly and live on the global microsite for the vehicle. For cycling enthusiasts, it should be a treat to hear about a Canadian bike co (even if it does play like a promo for the company itself). Oh, and the SUV isn’t hard on the eyes either.


Brand: Porsche Macan
Agency: Yield
Creative Director/Director: Chris Torbay
Art Director: Dave Orzakovski
Writer: Chris Torbay
DOP: Brian Hunt, Brian Hunt Visuals
Producer: Tad Munnings