This is what it looks like to really live off the grid.

If you haven’t fantasized about pulling a Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild and running away from society, and the worries, responsibility and troubles that come with it, then you must be one very content camper. It’s a fantasy many of us have from time to time, and one that French photographer Antoine Bruy has been documenting for the past two years now. The remarkable images from his series Scrublands shows people living off the grid around Europe. He’s hoping to eventually take the project to North America, where he will likely find similar characters that photographers like Alec Soth and Ryan Walker have also come across in the U.S. and Canada. It’s normal to have the urge to go back to the land. After all, we weren’t really meant to be cooped up in condos or hunt for our food from the depths of supermarket bins.

Via Wired