Smart Skully

A motorcycle helmet that has a life of its own.

You think Google Glass is chunky for a wearable? How about one that encases your entire head? Thing is, to wear it, you need a motorcycle too. This smart bike helmet, called Skully, by Minnesota brothers Marcus and Mitchell Weller, does everything you’d ever want a head protector to do (or at least, now you will). It has a rear-view camera, an audio and visual GPS system, a “heads up” display that shows¬†critical information in your line of sight,¬†as well as an anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-glare visor. You can even use the helmet to chat with a buddy on the phone while taking a Sunday cruise. Either the helmet makes riding safer with its warning systems, or more dangerous (who wouldn’t get distracted by all the tech? Let’s just hope they don’t introduce the ability to watch shows like they do in car dashboards these days).