Let there be fragmentation

A pie chart GIF on the evolution of music platforms.

music gif

Get this: in 1983, a whopping 44.6% of music was being listened to on LPs and EPS, while 47.8% was on cassette tape. Fast forward to today, 30 years later, and only 3% of music is enjoyed on the former, while the latter is virtually non-existent. Now, there are paid subscriptions, on-demand streaming, downloadable albums, ringtones, CDs, music videos, and the list goes on and on. This GIF on Digital Music News‘¬†website (click on the image to see it spin) is a stark reminder of the industry’s fragmentation, and the sad demise of music platforms once loved by all (well, that’s excluding present company. This Stim writer has more vinyls than music tracks on her iPod. That reminds me, I really should find that thing).


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