Rethinking the restaurant

Be the first to dine in a Ferris wheel in Calgary.

ferris wheelWe’ve heard of dining in the dark, of eating in a stadium while horsemen joust, and drinking coffee in the presence of lounging cats. But munching on a meal while spinning in the air on a Ferris wheel? Now that takes the cake (Yum. Wonder if cake’s on the big wheel’s menu?). It’s a remarkable idea thought up by Nicole Gomes, who was once a Top Chef Canada participant. She’s planning to have her food-on-a-Ferris-wheel installation debut at Beakerhead, a week of events that takes place in Calgary and has “engineers show their creative sides, and artists get technical” during the second week of September.¬†According to PSFK, the creative chef is hinting at delivering the food to diners in each of the 16 buckets via helium balloons. She calls the dining room of a Ferris wheel the “Periodic Table” and will be serving a “multi-course molecular gastronomy meal” for just over $100. Well, that’s reasonable, considering it costs about the same to eat in the slowly rotating CN Tower in Toronto. Though, the latter would probably entail taking less Gravol. And there is the issue of food falling from the sky.