Wallpaper be gone

Patterned paint rollers take the fuss out of accent walls.

wall roller1Only stupid people are stupid enough to use wallpaper. Here’s pointing at this Stim writer who once made the awful, awful decision to coat her bathroom walls with sticky paper. It looked great until boredom kicked in, and the time came to rip the sheets off. Sounds fun, huh? Nope. Worst decision ever. And guess what? The thought of having decorative walls is creeping back (did I mention my indecisive nature?). It’s okay though, cause now there is a better solution, in the form of patterned paint rollers. Eureka! These babies cost a fraction of the price and can be purchased on The Painted House Etsy page. Say goodbye to broken relationships as a result of screaming fits associated to rough wallpaper removal, and hello to watching paint dry as you marvel at this genius solution.



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