Cans = cheeseburgers

At McDonald's in Sweden, litter is a form of currency.

mcdonaldsIn Sweden, the land of wonder and joy (if you’re asking this Stim writer), cans = cheeseburgers. They’re each worth one Kroner (or $0.18) and sure, it’s a pain to take them to the proper depot to have them disposed of, and receive money in return, but McDonald’s and agency DDB Stockholm isn’t having any of that procrastination. It decided to cut out the middle man and start accepting cans in exchange for cheeseburgers, right in their stores. So if someone at a festival were to get post-drinking hunger pangs, and realize they have no money in their wallet, they could grab a McDonald’s black garbage bag (displayed on a billboard near parks and festivals) and scoop up enough can litter to purchase a hamburger (10 cans), cheeseburger (10 cans) or Big Mac (40 cans). It’s a win-win. People pick up litter and help the environment just a little bit, and while they’re at it, they get to kill a few calories before ingesting the greasy food. It’s a happy meal that’s not just for the kids.


Brand: McDonald’s
Agency: DDB Stockholm