Be Somebody

Help a stranger out by talking to that other stranger.

somebody appMemorizing conversation starters are a thing of the past. Tinder has made sure of this. It’s easy to make friends (and potential life partners) these days, and now we don’t even have to come up with ideas for small talkĀ — “Somebody” puts the words right in your mouth. The new app, launched last week at the Venice Film Festival (by artist Miranda July, designer Thea Lorentzen, brand Prada and interactive agency Stinkdigital) essentially makes you a messenger between two people. Say someone at a party is totally into this guy standing at the end of the bar. Said shy person could type their thoughts and feelings into the app, and leave it up to another Somebody user to relay their message. You could very well find a new buddy in the processes. And then you could do the same and have someone else be your personal emissary. It’s like pay-it-forward for shy people. And it’s equally perfect for lazy people who don’t want to get up and buy a beer (just send Somebody to ask their friend who’s already in front of the line.)