Chatty fountain

Partnership for a Healthier America's spit-take stunt.

Thirsty people at a water fountain presumably just want a quick splash of liquid before they get on with their day, but some in New York City may have wondered if they were desert-like thirsty (as in, seeing and hearing things thirsty) when the fountain started chatting with them. Throwing out quips like, “Are you a sipper or a gulper?” the teched-0ut fountain from Partnership for a Healthier America, with agencies Y&R and VML, certainly grabbed the attention of users and passersby. It begs the question, do people want to be engaged while hydrating themselves? Well, if you’re getting kudos from Michelle Obama, you’re probably doing something right.


Brand: Partnership for a Healthier America
Agency: Y&R and VML, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott Y&R New York
Executive Creative Director: Mike Wente, VML New York
Group Creative Director: Suzana Apelbaum, VML New York
Creative Director: Bruce Jacobson, Y&R New York
Creative Director: Alan Vladusic, Y&R New York
Senior Art Director: Harsh Kapadia, VML New York
Creative Technologist: Guilherme Pena Costa, VML New York
Senior Copywriter: Alice Thomas, VML New York
Executive Director of Content Production: Letitia Jacobs, Y&R/VML New York
Director of Business Affairs Content Production: Stacy Kallan, Y&R New York
Digital Producer: Amanda McCroskery, Y&R New York
Content Producer: Craig Sklaver, Y&R New York
Content Producer: Jenny Lee, Y&R New York
Director of Post Production: Amy Saunders, Y&R New York