Easy grilled cheesy

Nifty editing's the secret ingredient in Dempster's vids.

Vine and Instagram are changing the way we consume video content and thus influencing how creatives are shooting campaigns. Case in point, this work for Dempster’s, which shows off numerous recipes for making a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, takes inspiration from Vine and Instagram stars like Zach King (finalcutking), says Cundari CD Cory Eisentraut. Now, if only we could actually whip up a grilled cheese in under 20 seconds.

If you’ve been following along here or over at our older sibling strategy, then you’ll know Dempster’s has been as hot as fresh toast lately, running out flip books and jingles, a DIY show a steamy how-to vid and even a romance novel.


Brand: Dempster’s
Agency: Cundari
Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Simon
Creative Director: Cory Eisentraut
Writer: Andrew McKenzie
Art Director: Bernice Lo
VP Business Director: Kristin Vekteris
Account Supervisor: Filipe da Luz
Account Executive: Danielle Shedletsky
Producer: Kasia Zeniuk
Director: Goh Iromoto
Producer: Courtney Boyd
Food Stylist: Ashley Denton
Editor: Tom Mountain
VFX: Jason Smith
Production House: Kith + Kim