Critter party

Raccoons get raucous for Schneider Electric.

Have you ever seen a raccoon twerk? Neither had we, until we watched this spot from Schneider Electric and agency BETC. Rather than hanging around garbage bins, this group of critters are found lounging around in a house and throwing a big ‘ol party, made possible by all that interconnected tech in the home, courtesy of Schneider Electric. We wonder though, why didn’t the owners invest in an alarm system?


Brand: Schneider Electric
CMO: Chris Hummel
Agency: BETC
CDs: Ivan Beczkowski, Stéphane Xiberras
AD: Francis De Ligt
Copywriter: Nathalie Dupont
Traffic: Agnès Rollin
TV Producer: Caroline Bouillet
Production House: Iconoclast
Post-production: Mikros
Sound Production: Christophe Caurret & GUM
Director: Jim Hosking
Integrated CD: Christophe Clapier
AD: Pascal Fauveaux