What will you do?

St. John Ambulance gives you five minutes to save a life.

She’s unconscious and bleeding from her head, but this isn’t some criminal investigation program on TV, it’s a coworker or possibly your friend. What will you do to save them? It’s a question hopefully most of us will never have to answer, but it’ll be hard to find an excuse as to why you weren’t prepared if it does. That’s the message behind St. John Ambulance and agency Stephen Thomas Ltd.’s OOH and digital campaign, which includes a microsite that provides practical instruction on how to administer first aid that we hope you’ll look at, just in case we should be hurt when you’re around.

P.S. This reminds us of a recent effort by mobile phone provider Kyivstar, which created a first aid-teaching app that people could use to save lives during violent protests in the Ukraine.


Brand: St. John Ambulance
Agency: Stephen Thomas Ltd
Chief Creative Officer: Bryan Tenenhouse
ADs: Simon Tulpin and Robert Ito
CW: Josh Stern and Jan Saul
Digital Producer: Zaki Zaheer
Director Digital and Marketing Strategy: Taslim Somani
Account Manager: George Berdoussis