Words hurt

Public Safety Canada shows the dangerous power of the keyboard.

We’ve all heard many times by now that cyber bullying can have devastating consequences. But if someone has never experienced bullying themselves, it can be difficult to fully grasp exactly how much words can hurt people. Research shows, according to Public Safety Canada and agency Manifest Communications, that a large majority of people who get aggressive online have never bullied someone face-to-face. So, here’s the face that puts the user on the bully pulpit, if you will. The execution feels eerily real, save for the template answers that push you to say mean things. We dare you to resist and be rewarded with a smile. (The video above shows the reactions of the female actor, but click on the link for the interactive experience.)


Brand: Public Safety Canada
Agency: Manifest Communications
Account Director: Hilary Roberts, Andrea Kligman
Technical Producer: Neem BaHa
Producer: Rebecca Germond
Art Director: Paul Bonsell
Copywriter: Logan Broger
Development Team: Orbital Studios
Video Producer: David Smith
Director: Wayne Craig
Production Company: Holiday Films
Editing Studio: Panic and Bob