It's like Tinder, but with a rating system.
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Your whole life, you thought you were an 8, perhaps an 8.5 if the lighting’s right. You never once thought someone would challenge you on this, and make an app for strangers to rate your physical appearance. How could they? It’s not like we live in a world where men and women find the “one” based on five seconds of selfie-swiping. Oh wait, sorry Tinder, thanks to you, we do. This new app, called Pushrate, is just another natural evolution of what we like to call critical courting. Instead of telling someone in the same room as you that you think they’re hot or not, this app, created in Quebec City, allows you to assign a number, from 1 to 10, to show what you really think of their attributes. We were sweet on this chap in the coffee shop next door, but he only gave us a 7.3. Thanks for saving us from heartache, Pushrate, we don’t know how we survived the dating scene without an honesty system in place before.