What’s for dinner?

SAAQ drives home its safety message.

Is there a message you’re willing to die for? We won’t judge either way, but we imagine you wouldn’t want to die for a message like, “Did you pick up the milk?” To that point, the SAAQ and agency Lg2 take us back through the history of people who died for an important cause, in order to illustrate, via two radio spots, how pointless it would be to die while driving just because we had to send a text. There’s also a French-only TV ad that drives home the point. The difference with the guy delivering this message (“What’s for dinner?” for non-francophones) and texting while driving is that the risk-taking soldier might not know just how pointless the message he’s carrying is (poor chump) — even though, by now, everyone knows how risky it is to text from behind the wheel. As the SAAQ so painfully pointed out previously, that message can probably wait.


Brand: Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, Patrice Letendre et Marlène Gagné
Agency: Lg2
VP and CD: Luc du Sault
Copywriter: Nicolas Boisvert
Art Director: Luc Du Sault
Strategic Planning: Catherine Darius, Mireille Côté, Sandie Lafleur
Account Services: Alexandra Laverdière, Mireille Côté, Sandie Lafleur
Director: Nicolas Monette
Production Studio: Quatre Zéro Un
Agency Producer: Claudia Lemire
Sound Studio: Boogie Studio
Media: Touché! Isabelle Baillargeon et Véronique Arteau