Start your adventure

Kilroy kisses the couch goodbye.

These days you needn’t wait till you’ve stepped off the plane in a foreign land for your adventure to begin. Thanks to travel sites like Kilroy (not to mention good ol’ Google Street View), you can start exploring from the comfort of the couch (though we wouldn’t advise using the one in this spot from the brand). Warning: don’t watch this unless you want a bad case of wanderlust. And if you do, remember, they’re talking to students.


Brand: Kilroy
Agency: Kadaver, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Directors / Art Directors / Copywriters: Carl Johannes BorrisJacob Klintrup
Account Director: Anders Møller Toft
Production Company: King Edward
J. Kilroy: Jon Lange
Director: Sebastian Birk
Director of Photography: Adam Jandrup
Producers: Niels Kjær OlsenSanne Jørgensen
Production Design: Emilie Nordentoft
Editor: Pål Calmer
Mix: Pål Calmer
Visual Effects: King Edward, Jörgen Persson