Thanks, simplicity

Liberte keeps things uncomplicated with its new Greek line.

It’s not quite Thanksgiving, but Liberté and agency Cossette are sharing how grateful they are for the things that make up their latest yogurt blend. Be it nature itself (which is just doing its job, right?) or its staff of “artisans,” they’re feeling grateful. But most of all, they want to say thanks to simplicity, which they say inspired the brand’s latest 5% creamy Greek yogurt. For a yogurt that’s touted as being simple, two of the flavours (banana-caramel and vanilla bean) don’t sound too plain.


Brand: Liberté
Agency: Cossette
Photography: Rodéo Production
Production: Soma, Shed
Music and mix: La Majeure
Media planning: Cossette Media
Packaging: Stand MTL