Drake’s Emoji Tattoos

John St. creatives parody what's next for the rapper.
drake 2

What passes off as news these days is, to be honest, quite ludicrous. Just yesterday we were dumbfounded to read the reporting of an 85-year-old woman’s bike, which was stolen, and then found by police (no jokes). And did you hear about Drake’s big news last week? You know, the one about him getting an Emoji tattoo and the world coming to a halt as the Twitterverse exploded? Yes, it’s true, and while we try not to shake our heads in utter disbelief, we’re fine with taking refuge in this new parody Tumblr page by John St. creatives Jamie Umpherson and Marie Richer, called Drake’s Emoji Tattoos. In just three days, the page has amassed 1,500 followers, with people arriving and returning to see what the Toronto rapper would look like with various iPhone message icons inked on his person. Personally, we quite like the pencil face tat, which we think says “I’m a total badass. But I’m not afraid to show that I’m a studious fella too.”