Alternate ending

Interval House's elevator video worth sharing.

By now we’ve all had our chance to be shocked by the elevator video showing NFL’er Ray Rice knocking his then-fiance (now wife) unconscious. We’ve tweeted about our disgust and perhaps even wondered why she wouldn’t leave him. To continue the conversation, Interval House and KBS Canada’s Cause Company want us to envision a different ending to the scene. In this short spot featuring a couple having a heated argument, a woman boards the elevator and affords the potential victim a chance to flee. It serves as a reminder that we should speak up if we are witnesses to abuse,┬áSandra Hawken Diaz, director of engagement and partnerships for Interval House, told the newspaper Metro last week. In other words, we can help end domestic violence by supporting, rather than blaming, the victims.

Brand: Interval House
Agency: KBS Toronto Cause Company
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Hassell
Copywriter: Nimo Awil
Art Director: Stefan D’Aversa
Producer: Brenda Surminski
Director: Brett Blackwell
Production House: Cartilage, Inc.