Bringing an iPhone back from the dead.

Apple fans, you may want to turn away, especially if you lined up recently to be among the privileged few to get the new iPhone 6. Recently, Canadian-based musician Michael Mooney flew from Montreal to Australia to be among the first to get the product. The catch was, his purpose for getting it was so he could drop it in a pitcher of beer. To be rich and carefree, right? Not exactly. In this case, Mooney was backed by three Montreal entrepreneurs bringing a product – Reviveaphone – to the North America. Created by 20-year-old Brit Oliver Murphy, the product can restart phones even after they have been submerged under liquid. The stunt is the work of Montreal’s Lg2. Wondering if it worked? We’re guessing there wouldn’t be a video about it if it hadn’t. Say goodbye to sticking soaking phones in dry rice.


Client: Jeff Carrier, Francis Desrochers, Karl Janelle
Agency: Lg2
VP, CD: Marc-Fortin
Creation: Philippe Comeau
Strategy: François Royer-Mireault
Agency producer: Johanne Pelland
Director: Anthony Ayotte
DOP: Barry Russel
Production: 1one – Jean-René Parenteau, Marc-André Gilbert
Post production:  Da Vinci – Étienne Bergeron, Rony Ragon
Sound Studio/Engineer:  1one – Pierre-Olivier Giroux
Music: Apollo Music Store
Actor: Michael Mooney