Orange you curious what you'll look like in 20 years?

For its 20th anniversary, mobile services co Orange and its two agencies – Publicis in Paris, and Jam3 in Toronto – have developed a rather fascinating platform. #FutureSelf is a site that uses facial and speech recognition technology to take an image of a person and age them 20 years so that they can ask them any and every question they want. What a strange sight it is to see yourself in the future. Not as pretty as you’d hope, huh? (Guess it’s time for the double-action moisturizer then). Okay, okay, so perhaps you’re not going to be as wrinkly, have a British accent or as cheeky as the animated character the telecom company says you’ll be, but it’s all good fun, and it’d be worth trying to ask for next week’s lottery numbers just in case.


Brand: Orange
Jam3 Toronto; Publicis Conseil
Deputy Director of Communications : Béatrice Mandine
Brand Director : Thierry Marigny
Head of Corporate Communications : Anne Imbert
Corporate Communications Manager : Joanna Gaulait
Corporate Communications Assistant : Charlie Lévêque

Publicis Conseil
International Creative Director : Steve O’Leary
Copywriter : Méric Settembre
Art Director : Thomas Bernard
Worldwide Account Director : Cécile Lejeune
International Account Director : Guillaume Foskolos
International Account Executive : Laëtitia Mulinazzi
Digital Strategic Planner : Benoit Candelle
Creative Technologist : Julien Chaillou
Digital Consultant : Paula Petrucci
Special thanks : Benjamin Sanial, Isabelle Appé

Digital production – Jam3
Creative Director : Adrian Belina
Executive Producer : Graham Budd
Producer : Sumit Awjani

Video Production

Producers : Pierre Marcus, Thierry Delesalle (Prodigious)
Director of photography : Joël Labat
Post-production : Reepost
Sound design vidéos : Pink Factory

Benjamin Euvrard, Ingrid Morley-Pegge, Benjamin Dumont, Charly de Witte, Romain Grandsire

Sound design experience – Apollo Studios
Executive Producer : Bénédicte Leclere