It's like the geocaching of messaging.

featured2How exciting, a messaging app that doesn’t require its user to be single and ready to mingle. This new platform, called Beekon, works sort of the same way as Tinder. It too involves using a GPS to find people around you. Except, instead of using the service to (mostly) hook up romantically, it’s meant for anyone to meet new friends, neighbours and even local business owners through random messages. Anyone can put out a feeler for a ride somewhere, tickets to an event, or simply recommendations for a good spot to eat. Catch is, to see the messages a user needs to be within the sender’s current radius. Just like geocaching, people move around on the streets and in parks (with their eyes on their phones)¬†until they locate a message to unlock. Let’s just hope the message is worth the time, and not just a simple “howdy-do.”