Message in a balloon

Biodegradable balloons carrying poetic notes for anyone to find.

Messages in bottles floating through the oceans have been around for a while (bet you didn’t know the oldest recorded bottle message ever found was one tossed in the sea near Germany an impressive 101 years ago). But now there’s a way to send intimate messages to anonymous finders via another element: air. Swiss designer¬†David Colombini¬†created “Attachment,” a machine that allows anyone to type in a short poetic message or upload a video or image to a website. The message is printed onto a piece of paper along with a URL to view the digital content, which is then put into a massive biodegradable balloon and let loose to adventure out to an unknown recipient. We can already hear hundreds of children’s voices screaming at their parents for a balloon after seeing these in the sky. Colombini doesn’t know what he’s started.