Beer & Ideas Appreciation Society

A creative event that forgoes trophies for drinks.

beer and ideaBeer and ideas. That’s all the industry needs. Forget the trophies, the awards hullabaloo and just focus on celebrating creativity over some drinks. That’s the thinking behind a new event, aptly titled “Beer & Idea Appreciation Society,” which takes place on November 12, with 123w helping to put it together. Companies and creatives are asked to submit three of their best pieces of work and, on the evening of the 350-person get-together (60% of tickets have been sold so far), they’ll showcase the work on a 19-foot HD screen. If it’s a hit, agency founder Scot Keith says the beer and idea event might even make its way to Toronto. We gotta admit, it does sound more appealing than the drink- and window-less screening rooms in Cannes, and a heck of a lot cheaper to attend.