Around the world

Land Rover hits the jungle, the desert and the red carpet.

Y&R is launching Land Rover’s largest ever global campaign, so it’s fitting Blink Productions director Adam Hashemi spent a month travelling to some of the world’s most diverse terrain. Not limited to the standard, muddy off-road shots we are used to seeing in SUV ads, “Into The World” captures everything from the palm trees and red carpet of Los Angeles to strange sculptures and police chases off of desert highways to the local people and wildlife of Chile.


Brand: Land Rover
Creative Agencies: Y&R and Tag
Creatives: Jerry Hollens & Mike Boles
Agency Producer: James Miller, Tag
Production Company: Blink
Director: Adam Hashemi
Producer: Ben Mann
Executive Producer: James Bland
Editor: Russel Icke, The Whitehouse
Telecine: Mark Horrobin, Smoke & Mirrors
Post Production: Big Buoy


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