Brother has your back

The electronics company shows printers can be heroes, too.

It’s an office nightmare: you look down at a stack of papers that are ready to be sent off to a notary signing, only to see that “public notary” has been misspelled as “pubic notary” – something that probably won’t be well received by your clients. Fortunately, business appliance company Brother has a national radio campaign reminding Canadians that their printers can be counted on to help them be an “Everyday Office Hero” in a pinch, whether they’re a funeral director that has an unfortunate typo on an urn or a company VP that needs that extra time to “meditate” in the bathroom before a meeting. One thing that Brother wants you to keep in mind, though: no matter how good a printer is, it can’t help if you forget to check your backside for sticky notes.


Brand: Brother Canada
Agency: Couleur locale Inc.
Creative Direction: Dominique Trudeau
Concept/Copywriter: Marcus Hildebrandt, The English Department
French Copywriter: Valérie Letarte, Mixcom
Production: Céline Carbonneau
Recording Studio: Luc Préfontaine, La Majeure
Voices: John Tarzwell and Guy Nadon
Media: Media Experts

Image courtesy Shutterstock