Old Navy celebrates two decades with balloon selfies.

The 2D selfie is so early 2000′s. We’re ready for the next trend in narcissistic personal picture-taking. Since Old Navy is essentially a millennial (having turned 20 years old this year), it makes sense that it would be one of the first to start creating¬†3D selfies¬†using balloons. The brand is touring its giant balloon-making contraption to New York and Los Angeles for a grand celebration, where people can snap a picture of themselves and watch it appear on a wall of almost 1,000 balloons. And it’s just as quick-handed (if not more so) as those animal-balloon-making clowns at kids parties: it’s said to be able to make a selfie every two minutes (though, it tops out at 1,000 a day).


Brand: Old Navy
Agency: Deeplocal