Play a tune

Borjomi sets up a musically-operated vending machine.

Here in Canada, we are somewhat attached to our fancy vending machines. And it appears that people beyond our borders also have a penchant for these interactive vending machines. Bottled water brand Borjomi recently set up a vending machine in L’viv, Ukraine that will give out free bottles if a person plays a tune on a built-in keyboard. For those of us who aren’t musically inclined, we’d likely go thirsty. But the people of L’viv didn’t have to worry about that: the machine was there for the Alfa Jazz Festival, so there were plenty of musicians around to lend a hand.


Brand: Borjomi
Agency: Banda
Creative Director : Pavel Klubnykyn
Director of Strategy : Jaroslav Serduk
Digital Deptartment: Oleg Pashkovskyy
Senior Art Director : Egor Petrov
Art Director: Vadim Tkachuk
Copywriter : Anna Kascheeva
Account Director: Veronica Seleh
Borjomi Manager of Marketing and Corporate PR: Oksana Pankin
Brand Manager: Elena Kuvaeva
PR Manager : Marina Solovyov
Production Company: Electric Sheep
Film Producer: Nicholas Sokalskyy, Andrew Kopots
Assistant Producer: Valery de Boer
Camera: Sergei Smbichok
Production Manager: Vladimir Mashtaler
Post-production Designer : Mikhail Levchenko Rezhysser
Editing: Alexander Black
Colorist : Artem Stretovych