What the F#$K is going on at Cossette?

It's the industry's million dollar question.

Something’s up at Cossette. This “not knowing” has gotten the best of some of us, as we resort to cussing in order to get our frustrations out. Because, seriously, what the F#$K is going on at Cossette? Perhaps this video, with cameos from industry peeps Carlos Moreno and Peter Ignazi (BBDO), Mark Smyka (Cossette), Chris Van Dyke (School Editing) and a couple random stars from your favourite Canuck show growing up (you’ll have to watch to see who). It’s the f#$king one million dollar question we keep f#$king asking ourselves.

For more laughs, watch this blooper reel below.


Agency: Cossette
Chief Transformation Officer/Creative Director: Glen Hunt
Associate Creative Director (CW): Dhaval Bhatt
Associate Creative Director (AD): Yusong Zhang
Brand Director: Caley Erlich
VP, Executive Producer, Content Production / Agency Producer:  Sarah Bogue
Production House: Soda Post
Director: Jordan Dashner
Colorist: Conor Fisher (Alter Ego)
Editor: Gerrit Van Dyke
Music House: RMW Music