Leo Burnett introduces the SlapShot

It's exactly how it sounds: a shot of alcohol and a slap to the face.

Leo Burnett might be onto something here. Sure, it may have just opened up a can of workplace harassment, but its intentions are pure and they’re meant to help spark inspiration. The new internal process is so simple. Step one: give your colleague a shot of alcohol that relaxes them and wait for their guard to be let down. Step two: give them a fat slap to the face, removing any tired ideas from their brain and jolting them into action. How did no one think of this before?


Chief Creative Officer:  Judy John
Creative Director: Judy John
Group Creative Directors: Kelly Zettel, Sam Cerullo
Copywriter: Kelly Zettel, Marcus Sagar
Art Director: Sam Cerullo, Noreel Asuro
Designer: Sam Cerullo, Steven Tiao
Illustrator: Steven Tiao
Slapper: Lisa Morch
Agency Producer: Jesse Brook, Franca Piacente, Kim Burchiel
Production Company: Sons & Daughters
Videographer: Andy Ferreira
Producer: Luke Bryant
Editor: Daniel Reis – Panic & Bob
Recording Studio: The Eggplant
Executive Producer: Rocco Gagliese
Producer: Nicola Treadgold
Coordinator: Lindsay Fry
Post Production/Online: Crush