Talking smack

DDB employees read mean tweets.
Celebs aren’t the only ones to feel the painful effects of malicious tweets. Sometimes, creatives hurt, too. In this video, DDB writers and art directors were asked to read out loud negative tweets from sharp-tongued consumers. The reactions range from creatives in utter disbelief to some on the brink of tears, with others laughing uncontrollably as they attempt to get the nonsensical tweets out. So remember people, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it on social media. Or else you’ll end up watching the repercussions of your words in a video like this.
Agency: DDB Canada
Executive Creative Director:  Paul Wallace
Copywriter:  Arjang Esfandiyari
Art Director:  Loretta Lau
Senior Producer:  Chris Webden
Director / Editor:  Motioneer
Production Assistant:  Geoff Thomlinson