Vita Trojors

Three Zulu ad folk bring the Swedish pop band back to life.
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One hit wonder? More like one night wonder. Vita Tröjors came to life for one night only (Oct.31, which just happened to be Halloween) in a music video covering their “greatest hits.” From the Swedish band’s 1987 hit “Stockholm Syndrome” to its 1993 jingle “Ikea Love” and the 2009 “Viking Party” ballad, these guys saw a wave of success in Europe during the 90s. If they seem too good to be true, that’s because they kind of are. When not in blinding white turtle neck costume, the trio can be found working on accounts and copy at Zulu Alpha Kilo where Robyn Morrissey is account director, Kate Spencer is a producer and Kaidy Wong is a copywriter. After watching this and last week’s Mad Man video, it’s a wonder how Zuligans get any work done with all this fun happening over there.