Soup du cure

Campbell's Chunky picks Canadian brains for future flavours.


Similar to last year, Campbell’s Chunky is launching three new flavours in a Pub-inspired series of soups during Movember. And for its second year as a Movember partner, Campbell’s is opening up its creative process, and wallet. In addition to giving people a chance to win $5,000, Campbell’s will donate $1 to Movember for every person that submits a suggestion for a future flavour online (as of this writing, there are 4,569¬†entries, so the $10,000 goal is already in reach). Campbell’s will also have in-store creative featuring furry-lipped Canadians to promote the contest, and the brand has even updated one of its fan-favourite Chunky ads (below).


Brand: Campbell’s Chunky
Agency: 6 Degrees/Real Interactive