Holy hologram, Bleen!

We've always wondered what an atomic bomb looked like in 3D.

elegant lady in a room full of fashion accessories

What’s a home without a device that can produce a life-like atomic explosion via a hologram? Not your cup of tea? Well, how about having a holographic disc jockey in your living room? Or for the zen of you, a personal yoga instructor. Soon, if Bleen (a personal and portable 3D projection system that works without the use of dorky glasses) manages to take off, we’ll finally be rid of 2D screens for good. It’s a slick piece of tech and was designed with the contemporary home in mind (you can get it egg-shaped or what looks to be a rock, in ghost white or charcoal colour). The group of European scientists and managers behind Bleen have even thought to sell entertainment, gaming content and applications via an open source library. It’ll only put you back $400, which isn’t bad considering smartphones these days cost twice that amount. Expect this to be the next office toy, and to relive Princess Leia’s moment in the holographic light over and over again as this gets picked up.