Not a banker? Sorry, then you can't have this "pleasure product."

pino-by-lelo_11019734-1-esl-es_pino-by-lelo_juguetes-eroticos-para-el-otono-las-novedades-hot_sex-shopping_pareja-sexoSeldom do we (members of the press) find ourselves lifting our jaws from off the floor after receiving a bizarre (to put it lightly) news release. But just recently, an announcement for a “pleasure product” arrived and it took us a little longer than usual to shake off the WTF feeling it left behind. The product is meant to “be the first sex toy in history that can satisfy the hedonistic sexual cravings and excesses exhibited by members of the financial world.” Basically, Pino is a toy for bankers, and it’s made by Swedish company Lelo (which took home a Cannes Lion in the product design category for its Ora product earlier this year). Next up on the list of weird related news for the day, sex toys of the future.