Remembering the Real Winnie

The world's most famous bear turns 100.

winne 1Shirtless and lacking an orange fluorescent hue, the original Winnie the Pooh (named after the city of Winnipeg) was once a mascot for a WWI regiment (a fact most of you might be well aware of, but not this immigrant Stim writer, who is gob-smacked by the Canadian connection). The bear was then donated to the London Zoo, where it caught the fascination of the Christopher Robin, and was brought to life in story books by the little boy’s father, A.A. Milne. The bear’s history, 100 hundred years since its birth, along with a collection of images and letters from her adopted father Harry Colebourn is now being exhibited at Ryerson University until December 7. And in another awesome series of connections, Narrative PR’s own Lindsay Mattick (who also worked on the collection) is said to be the great granddaughter of the soldier and veterinarian who brought us the world’s most famous bear.