A handy reminder

Vancouver Aquarium helps make sustainable food choices easy.

The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program is meant to help Canadians eat their favourite dishes while knowing it won’t impact suffering ocean populations. With help from Vancouver-based kids entertainers Bobs & Lolo, the Aquarium has provided a handy song to help remind you what kinds of seafood you can eat and still keep our oceans’ wildlife safe. Also, if you are like the kids in the video, and are having a bit of trouble remembering the rule (it’s only three Fs, four Ss, then P.C.D.C.A.T., but okay), then you can also look for the Ocean Wise symbol on restaurant menus and in markets to be sure that your food choices are sustainable.


Brand: Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise
Agency: One Twenty Three West
Account Management: Scot Keith, Nick Chan, Janet Andres
Writer: Bart Batchelor
Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Creative Directors: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman, Jeff Harrison
Director: Jon West
Producer: Derrick Bauman
Artist: Bobs & Lolo
Composer: Mario Vaira
Audio House: Koko Productions
Sound Engineer: Murray Price
Sound Producer: Steve Lowe