Thingsee One

Could this device be the future of smart technology?

We’re a bit behind on the DIY tech trend. It’s true, we’ve yet to try our hand at 3D printing, but it’s probably time we play catch up. If not, we might look silly when everyone around us is playing developer, especially now that a new device (from former engineers at Nokia) is said to allow  anyone, from amateurs to professionals, to create their own Internet of Things experience. The Thingsee One device is currently a prototype, with a so-far-successful Kickstarter page asking backers to fund development of the device that has “mobile connectivity, built-in sensors, waterproof mechanics and long battery life.” The video shows even the most detached from society (and technology) tinkering with the device (such as a sheep farmer receiving a text message — coincidentally, on an old Nokia phone — reporting that he has mail in his connected post box). It even has a nostalgic beeper look to it (we assume for those of us who have been procrastinating for fear of the new and shiny).