A lesson in beer partnerships

Newcastle tries to rein in Wil Wheaton.

To promote the Scotch Ale it produced in partnership with Caledonian Brewery, Newcastle went with actor, home beer-brewer and all-around professional nerd Wil Wheaton as its ad spokesman. As he explains the work that goes into brewing beer, the Star Trek andĀ Stand By Me starĀ gets a bit out of hand with his claims, which the folks at Newcastle and agency Asylum try to keep up with and correct in the on-screen text. You can practically see them struggling to hold back from screaming, “Shut up, Wesley.” Although, the tables are turned in the second ad, when Wheaton tries to prove the beer’s bona fides while dealing with his cruder twin brother, Bil Wheaton.


Brand: Newcastle Brown Ale/Heineken
Agency: Asylum Marketing