Testicular Cancer Canada shows how to check your little friends.

Guys can be a bit weird when it comes to talking openly about their health, you know, down there. And it’s likely that no one knows this better than the people at Testicular Cancer Canada. So, they enlisted DenstuBos to release a video that uses adorable guinea pigs as stand-ins to demonstrate how to ensure the little guys are doing okay without upsetting anyone’s delicate sensibilities. It also does a good job of showing how everyone is different. One tip though: they probably shouldn’t squeak.


Brand: Testicular Cancer Canada
Agency: DentsuBos
Clients: Alexandre Désy, Geneviève Huot
Creative Director: Hugo Léger
Creation team: Jean-Philippe Dubois (TV), Jocelyn Leroy (TV), Simon Beaudry (Prints)
Client Services: Gabrielle Harvey
Public Relation: Émilie Thibault
Production: DentsuBos – Fanny Quenneville
Director: Olivier Ménard
Post-production: Maz
Prints and Web Production: Graphiques M&H
Sound: La Majeure – Luc Préfontaine
Medias: DentsuBos – Sébastien Labelle
VO: Julian Casey