Ghost of Christmas arse

Poo-pouri makes Santa's dingle-berries smell like jingle-berries.
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“Jingle bells, your poo smells,” goes the song, right? In this hilarious, potty-mouthed ad for Poo-Pourri, the masters of making the contents of your bowel smell absolutely delightful (insert high-class British accent here), Santa Claus is shown failing to restrain himself from using the loo to do number two. The smell awakens three adorable, witty red-headed kids on Christmas Day, who then interrogate the Claus for wreaking while sneaking around the house.


Brand: Poo-Pourri
Production Company: World War Seven
Executive Producer: Josh Ferrazzano
Producer: Mike Begovich
Directors: Pete Marquis, Jamie McCelland (Pete & Jamie)
Concept: Joel Ackerman, Hector Batiz
Writers: Pete Marquis, Jamie McCelland
Copywriter: Joel Ackerman
Director of Photography: Kevin Phillips
Production Designer: Russell Jaeger
Wardrobe Stylsts: Karla Cavalli, Harmoni Everett
Hair, Makeup Artist: Colleen Hogan
Editor: Karen Kourtessis, Beast
Sound Design: Chirs Stangroom, Hobo Audio
Colorist: Robert Crosby, Neptune Post
Santa: Mike Faella
Sister No. 1: Isabella Blake Thomas
Sister No. 2: Ava Devoe
Sister No. 3: Haylie Di Fronzo
Lady on Santa’s Lap: Bethany Woodruff