Shoes, a la Marty McFly

Want a pair of self-lacing shoes worthy of Back to the Future?
Copied from strategy - powerlace

The future is (almost) here. But, let’s go back to the present for a second. Iconic futuristic movie Back to the Future II predicted a great number of inventions that could revolutionize the marketing space, including holographic ads, the bank of screens, and super-smart glasses.  And though teched out clothing isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, Marty McFly’s self-tying laces didn’t seem that likely.

Until now. St Hubert Que.-based Powerlace has launched a Kickstarter campaign to roll out a prot0type of his self-tying shoes. The shoe, designed by inventor Frederick Labbe, automatically tightens when you put your foot into it. Nike is reportedly also working on creating a self-lacing shoe, though there is no word yet on whether it has actually managed to invent a pair just yet.

Via Strategy and H/T Fast Company.