Blood Sport

Lose a pint of blood in a videogame, give just as much in real life.
Blood Sport1

Some of us cringe and suffer from dizzy spells when we think of giving blood, yet when we turn on the television, switch to a gory movie or load a violent game, we barely flinch. But what if we could distract our minds from the ickiness of donating our vital fluid by way of (virtually) inserting ourselves into a bloody game? That’s what a couple of Toronto ad guys (Raid Studios’ Taran Chadha and Rethink’s Jamie Umpherson) are doing with their new project, Blood Sport. They’re on Kickstarter, hoping to raise enough funds to take the inventive gaming system to clinics across Canada. Basically, a player is hooked up to a blood collection machine through an IV and when they’re wounded in the game, a few ounces of their blood is pulled into the machine. It essentially replicates, in real-life, the blood loss that takes place in the game. And it certainly gives virtual reality headsets a run for their money.